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Tools/best practices

  • Pre-production data checklist (ethical)
  • What data should I/ should I not collect?
  • How and when should I transmit data?


  • Diagrams of possible and customizable workflow models (for different kinds of media, resources, timeframes, etc.) and shared action plans for collaborators
  • “snap chat” / data preservation app that would allow metadata to disappear upon transmission and would be safe for the transmitter, receiver, and the subject
  • "chain of evidence" app that would keep record of any changes made to any file
  • “default” app that scans devices for default settings to identify and explain in clear terms their security implications
  • app to hide your location (puts false information into metadata)
  • “sneaky” lock features for phone/camera/computer/devices such that an officer couldn’t tell that the screen was locked, or it would show a false “camera roll” of images