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What? Why?
Goverment interaction Contextual understanding and more collaboration. Better understanding on both parts
Legal advice, especially on local context and nuances Know what we are bound by in different contexts
Protocols for internet of things (IoT) (citizen science) data Roll-out of IoT/GIS/citizen scient means we have a wealth of sensitive data genearated that is also good for science and research, but guidelines are needed for securing privacy and transparency
Guide for digital security in the Middle East that is updated regularly To stay safe with less research
Reponsible Data toolkits for "X" Starting point for those who need
More convicting, fining and issuing of sanctions to spying and surveilling companies and governments To raise the cost and make it more difficult
Global campaign to tackle blame (I Never Ask for It - when and how has sexual violence been justified?) [work in progress - campaign] Blame perpetuates sexual violence
Exchange standards for NGOs Easier to collaborate, compare, track, evaluate
Engaging donors to fund responsible data practice within projects/programmes they fund If donors want impact data, they should put up that to ensure it can be collected, hosted, shared etc in a responsible way
List of benefits and harm potential of different types of data Because if we knee-jerk and close down access to data too fast, we may never know what good can come of it
Local language tools, manuals and information (up-to-date)
Clear guides Easy to lose the purpose