Responsible data checklists: existing and wishing existed

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Responsible data checklists that exist

name publisher why it's useful
responsible development data – practitioners guide (list of ethical questions) RDF oakland output helps practitioners implementing projects w/ data components
Umbrella app, security (digital and physical) security first all the security info you can get into your pocket
informed consent checklist for research staff Amnesty International I'm not sure if it's useful. Guidance to researchers
CALP (cash and learning partnership) protect beneficiary data cash and learning partnership NGO coalition financial and registration data principles
protection/informed consent ICRC guidelines on ensuring thos ewe extract data from are aware of its use/do no harm
capture the ocean group of NGOs via Simlab legal advice in different contexts more accessible and understandable
security in a box and me and my shadow tactical tech user friendly guide to security, ways to trace your digital footprint, links to existing tools and products

Responsible data checklists we wish existed

What it would be What it would help you do
Top 5 issues describing what responsible data is (talking points) talk about responsible data
identity protection checklist for data assets more safely share narratives and statistics at an aggregate and individual level
responsible hosting checklist make sure you are keeping hosted data secure
responsible data publishing, collecting, managing double check steps and milestones in data processes
transfer process, destruction or retension of anmot (anaolog?) material?? think about privacy issues concerning anmot sources of data such as surveys

Other resources

Here is a spreadsheet of tools/guides/checklists that the engine room has found: