RDLab Photo Bootstrapping Paradox

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What is this?

This is a guide to help you establish flows of communication between people who know things and those who don’t, before threat modeling.

What is Bootstrapping?

In the context of documentary photography projects, bootstrapping is establishing a secure channel of communication with a source or with a support provider without having many communication security skills to begin with.

Pertinent Questions

- How do you introduce yourself to someone you have never met?

The general consensus is to work through a known point of contact close to or within the target community.

- When do you know just reaching out to somebody (encrypted or otherwise) will put them in danger?

Existing surveillance apparatus i.e. security cameras

Setting up clean identities

- Use two browsers: one for personal use, one for secure use

- HTTPS Chrome with Gmail is actually a good option for most people

- Build networks that will last when you first go into the environment. Groom sources you can trust and equip them with digital tools to employ.

Security through ubiquity

- Disseminate information about securing communications through social networks and web strategies.

- Find opportunities to use public platforms as safe third party places to store information.

Its important to remember that no amount of training is really going to give you true privacy.

Next Steps

- Develop checklists for bootstrapping yourself, others, and subjects you encounter.

- Establish basic tools for securing your data to securely communicate with others.

- Provide tools for trusted third party to secure subjects you need to contact (sleeper cell concept).