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Policies that exist

Title Organization/Group What is it for
Data Ethics Policy Oxfam All data that all Oxfam uses
Research Ethics (pictures, videos, etc.), Consent Oxfam Research practices in Oxfam [OUTDATED]
Outcome on ECSA project governance framework iilab/fpu/greenhost/chokepoint/others (EC-project) Internet censorship and human rights data
Cash & Learning Partnership Principles for Protecting Privacy CACP-consortium of NGOs Financial/Registration/Accountability data
Interviewing/Researching Children Guidelines UNICEF & Save Specific considering working with children
Guidelines for ICTs regarding digital rights practices Global Network Initiative Sometimes just show, but it’s a start to engage companies in their responsibilities
3rd Party Usage Policy Twaweza East Africa Guide 3rd party uses of our mobile phone panel survey on the use of the platform
Organizational Policies (for CSOs) on Collecting, Processing, Disseminating Data N/A
Photo and Video Consent Policy & Use Policy Lots of People (HRW specifically cited) Protecting subjects of photos and videos upholding ethical and protection standards
Whistle Blower Handling Policy Hungarian CSO Protecting whistleblowers and the organization

Policies we wish existed

Who’s it for What’s it for What format
Owners of knowledge aggregator and dissemination platform Standardizing safe collection and storage of sensitive data assets Policy document and workflow enforcement
Funders/Grantees Required data practices prior to receiving funding Included in proposal / Call fro proposals; Parts of required things to sign
Small NGOs Baseline data/digital security policy Document or other legible thing
Small-medium groups Data cycle – from collection to advocacy Comic
All NGOs working on GBV/VAW Standard data, Better statistics, Collection Standardization of data collection and collaboration of all data sources
Data trainers (School of Data) Ethical data sources for trainings