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The engine room and HURIDOCS are working to put together a Responsible Data Forum on human rights documentation. This event will focus on responsible data challenges (the personal, technical, and organizational) specific to the process of collecting and using documentation on human rights violations. In initial discussions, we have surfaced topics that could be appropriate. They include:

  • how PII how is stored and documented - can data be collected anonymously?
  • mobile phones and responsible data challenges (how to address inherent insecurities)
  • backend database process and challenges (choices and everyday management)
  • what is best left undocumented
  • Keeping consent data and violation data together, as well as disclosure to witnesses and victims (to explain, to store)

--> particularly when service delivery comes in, e.g. health workers; as well as information involving children, especially unacompanied minors

  • Red flags for data use and data representation
  • Legal data protection regimes - potentially headstart in Budapest
  • Archiving and sustainability of documentation data
  • Planning - being in a situation that requires a different response - adapting the plan afterwards
  • Methodology for documentation of digital security incidents
  • Documentation resources created by different groups: gather, mash, gaps analysis

Added in Budapest:

  • Security and documentation: Documentation workflows and building (digital) security into them

Also: (a) physical integrity of documentalists, (b) secure communications with them, (c) creating safe and open spaces, (d)

  • Verification requirements for intermediary data users
  • Assessing harm when using documentation for advocacy/in court
  • Communities to learn from (?): intelligence, organized crime