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[[Responsible visualization]]
[[Responsible visualization]]
[[Code of ethics in sex explotiation]]
[[Code of ethics in sex exploitation]]
[[Responsible Data survey]]
[[Responsible Data survey]]

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This is a living page that is collecting information about the event as we are working on them.

Information for facilitators

Please make sure to send all notes and materials that are not already captured in the wiki to notes@responsibledata.io

Hashtags and Twitter accounts



Twitter links:

@engnroom @aspirationtech

Document capturing

The agenda wall

Product outputs

Primer on responsible data in development

Responsible Data Risk Mapping

Atomized security plans for organizations

Framework for consent policies

Newbie guide to select hosting

Digital first aid kit

Resource creator manifesto

Feeding harm stories and empirical data into policy making

Opening government data

Practical de-identification guide

Data in the project lifecycle

Resource Lists / Farmer's Market

Responsible data checklists: existing and wishing existed


Communities of practice

Voices already talking about responsible data

Upcoming events that should include responsible data


Harm stories

orgs working on responsible data

Day 2 morning conversations

Round 1


Talking about harm

Collaboration software alternatives

Video and photo evidence

Responsible and/or open data

Why should my NGO care about responsible data

Spreading the word

Round 2

Frameworks for data sharing

Piloting plan

Responsible Data campaign

Responsible visualization

Code of ethics in sex exploitation

Responsible Data survey

Human Rights documentation

White paper on responsilble data standards