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This wiki was created for the participants of the Responsible Data on human rights documentation in San Francisco (2.0 of the RDF Manila event in March of 2015, also alongside RightsCon). We will use this for ongoing creating, sharing and collaborating.

Work Areas

Experimenting with new tools and methods responsibly - when you don't have ability/access to alter the tool.
Participatory project and tool design and creation - when the users are the implementers (and potentially the creators).
Knowing when to use (which) tool(s) - (building off a previous discussion)
Accessibility in language (and other localization thoughts
Long-term considerations for tool development
Use cases

Working Groups

Codesign resources for human rights documentation

Aggregated Info

Information for participants

Please make sure to send all notes and materials that are not already captured in the wiki to notes@responsibledata.io

Hashtags and Twitter accounts

Hashtags: #responsibledata #humanrights