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This is a matrix to support strategic thinking around awareness raising and advocacy for responsible data. Specifically, it helps to sort different target audiences, identify incentives and craft appropriate messaging.

Motivation Messaging Channels
Types of Who Do no harm Shifting landscape Cutting edge/ progressive Fear / liability Reputation Legal Obligation Practical Applications Revenue Social Capital Ethics Validity
Humanitarian Implementers X X X Keep it simple and practical, top down influence
Policy Makers / Funders X X In depth justifications, popular consenus and buzz
Humantarian Management X X In depth justifications, popular consenus and buzz esp with humanitarian spin
Journalists (as Media) X X X (esp journalistic) media watch coalision news angles / press releases / examples
data trainers X X events / blogposts / tools
Tool providers X X rating and review
Data end users X X compliance need for talored approaches
Data collectors X X X tools need for talored approaches
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