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For our responsible data online discussions, we are using an online conferencing service called UberConference. This service allows us to connect up to 100 participants using VOIP or phone. This is not a video conferencing system, but we do hope you'll add a picture of yourself or an avatar so we can have a visual of you during the discussion.

Joining the RDF discussion using UberConference is easy. Just follow these steps at the time of the meeting:

Using Firefox or Chrome, go to . Plug in your headset with a microphone (this makes the sound quality much better). If you have trouble using your computer for audio, you can connect using your phone. Just dial 607-821-7499 (you don’t need a PIN). If you’re up to, upload a picture that others will see during the meeting.

Here is information about UberConference’s System requirements. For additional help, visit the UberConference user guide, or the UberConference support portal to ask questions.