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• How to get grantees to engage with responsible data management? Get them to appreciate the idea of this before implementing. Grantmakers need to think this through. • How to initiate this conversation? o Look at the costs involved in the process of initiating this discussion o Look at collaborations between donors when they have grantees in common o Clearly articulate the implications of noncompliance to data security guidelines. o Integrity and questions: M&E templates • Whether or not they understand the data security issues o Working with local organizations working on data security. • Because they are in-country, it’s much easier to see how to engage them. • Sharing/designing a threats model. Who is concerned? What are the potential threats? • Classification of data—possibilities for data threat. Find means of communication. o WHAT IS THE TENSION BETWEEN DICTATING NONCOMPLIANCE TERMS VS. HAVING GRANTEES BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN RISK ASSESSMENT? o GRANTEE EDUCATION STARTS WITH FUNDER EDUCATION